Electronic monitoring system established that can help Hong Kong law enforcement counter detainees hurt them selves in custody

Actions released right after second suicide in custody of nearby power inside of calendar year
Harmony to generally be struck concerning far better protection and retaining privacy

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police have unveiled measures to counter self-harm although in detention as an inquest into the demise of the rape suspect - the 2nd suicide in Hong Kong custody in a year - drew to the close on Monday.

The measures would include an digital tracking technique to be sure officers thoroughly checked detainees, an inadequacy uncovered by the inquest into the dying of Lam Wing-chun who hanged himself with a

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cable at Sau Mau ping police station on May well eleven, 2017.

police patrols tumble quick, Hong Kong coroner states, right after suspect’s demise
Officers on responsibility experienced failed on 17 situations to check on Lam from the hours right before his death, despite the fact that visits were recorded in a log ebook. Two afterwards attributed

their absence to disease, although a 3rd reported he
had called out to Lam and received a satisfactory response.

Lam, a shipping and delivery person, was arrested on May ten, accused of raping and robbing a woman close to Kowloon Bay MTR station two times previously. He was located useless the subsequent morning.

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Lam was one of a hundred forty five people that possibly tried self-harm or suicide in past times five years whilst detained in a law enforcement station. Four died.

Improved security can be mounted on the entrance to law enforcement station cells, mentioned Kitty Chik Hsia-yu, superintendent from the law enforcement assist branch, which took part in formulating the

actions. Objects within a
cell might be equipped with cushioned layers.
“These actions will deliver far better basic safety for those in custody,” Chik reported, foremost a tour of your new system at Wan Chai police station previous week.

Lam’s inquest was the 2nd time within a calendar year when inconsistent data had surfaced inside of a courtroom proceeding more than the death of a detainee at a police station.

In June, a similar coroner, Ko Wai-hung, referred two officers for follow-up motion just after hearing they made untrue records regarding a man who hanged himself at North position law enforcement station.

The jury within the time suggested an digital process to log police officers.

Chik mentioned a committee was established up in June last calendar year, a month soon after Lam’s demise, for police to critique the present mechanism.
They came up using a new digital tracking process, e-cell look at and alarm technique, which had been released at 3 of your city’s 33 law enforcement stations with detention cells in September. They were

Wan Chai, Hung
Hom and Sau Mau ping.

Formerly, officers on responsibility needed to indication a log guide only with the entrance of your detention space. The brand new automated process necessary them to tap their card exterior the world,

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however on receivers outside
just about every occupied cell.

“It will probably be a far more precise and economical tool to keep documents,” Chik reported, introducing the technique would mail reminders to officers and make quick data for supervisors to evaluate.


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